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Jason Clark

Business/Economic Development Analyst

Spotlight on the grab-er-done cane     by adaptive appAlachia





EI is supporting the business development of Adaptive Appalachia, LLC (AA) in the heartland of Appalachia. AA intends to create new jobs for manufacturing adaptive products for the disabled and products that adapt agricultural waste to create eco-friendly bioplastic products. These jobs will be made available to displaced workers and the chronically unemployed due to past experience with opioid addiction or incarceration.

Hallie Sinor

Director of Communication and Learning

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If your social purpose endeavor is need of support in the areas of communication, business & economic development, product development, marketing, learning and development, or psychology, consider engaging Equity Incites consulting services to support your mission.

Carla Hammons

Consumer Advocate & Product Testing

  • Providing consulting services for developing or resource challenged social purpose organizations in our areas of expertise: communication, business & economic development, product development, marketing, learning and development, and psychology
  • Enhancing the independence of the mobility impaired with the innovative ​Grab-er-done Cane (TM)
  • Producing eco-friendly bioplastic alternatives for petroleum-based plastic products that currently collect in our landfills and harm our environment
  • Developing new "green economy" jobs in Appalachia and the Sierra Nevadas

Organizations that work toward socially and environmentally responsible missions often must do so with limited resources and infrastructure. Equity Incites, LLC (EI) services and consultant resources are available to help developing and resource-strapped organizations focus on their missions with limited investments.

Sydney Tan

Staff Psychologist

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  • Management and performance consulting services that emphasize democratic operating principles and employee engagement, satisfaction, & wellbeing
  • Enhancing employment opportunities in disadvantaged or depressed communities with large numbers of un- or under-employed populations and/or displaced workers
  • Fostering organizations that provide more satisfying and productive work environments and healthier communities
  • Providing a forum for advocacy and a constructive dialogue around progressive ideals

To promote the development and/or support organizations that have socially and environmentally responsible missions. By providing management and consulting services in our collective areas of expertise, our client organizations can incubate and grow with limited personnel and resources to further their social purpose missions.

Adaptive Appalachia Indiegogo Campaign Coming Soon....


The Grab-er-done Cane (TM) is an innovative device for the mobility impaired that combines an offset handle cane with a grabber/reacher. The first 200 units of this newly trademarked device will be offered as a perk for people who support the Indiegogo small business development crowdfunding campaign for Adaptive Appalachia, LLC (AA) founded in the heartland of Appalachia. The goal of the campaign is to raise funds to develop manufacturing operations and research and development capability for new AA eco-friendly bioplastic products. The goal is for AA to produce new, innovative products with as many domestically sourced parts and materials as possible to maximize the creation of new green-economy jobs in Appalachia.